Chateau Impney - Hotel Review

Chateau Impney is a Grade II listed French-style château in Worcestershire, England. The château was built by John Corbett in the 19th Century for his wife Hannah Eliza O'Meara who was raised in Paris, hence the French style architecture, it then became a hotel in 1925.

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The view from the hotel was really beautiful, with big castle-like spires from one window and green forest from another. It does feel a bit like a Disney castle.

The room was very small but it was pristine and had everything one would need for an overnight stay.

Chateau Impney is very good value for money as it is not at all expensive to stay overnight and they do deals with dinner and breakfast included in the price - for an overnight getaway for some quality time with a loved one this is a pleasant hotel. 

The décor is slightly dated throughout the hotel but the dinner menu was extensive and very appetising. 

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Although I had a 'luxury' double, room it was incredibly small with barely any room to squeeze around the side of the bed, so I'm not sure what the budget rooms would be like. The bathroom was spotless with some lovely hand soaps and haircare products and the staff were all very accommodating and welcoming.

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Overall, I think that this hotel is great for a pleasant, reasonably priced one night getaway and therefore would rate it a 3/5:

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This is not a sponsored post, just an honest review.