Safari on Sir Bani Yas Island

I had the most incredible experience on Sir Bani Yas Island just 170km southwest of Abu Dhabi at the Desert Islands Resort. 

First of all you take a little boat from Abu Dhabi to get out onto the island. The island is small but full of wildlife as it was established as a nature reserve in 1971 by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Thanks to decades of conservation work and ecological investment there are now thousands of free-roaming animals; in 1977 Sheikh Zayed passed a law prohibiting hunting on the island and it therefore provided a haven for many endangered desert species that now thrive there. 


The Desert Islands Resort offers an extraordinary Safari experience where you get to drive around with a ranger looking at all of the free-roaming animals. It really is the most amazing experience. There are so many different species, some that I had never even heard of prior to my trip, that have been close to extinction and have been saved by this conservation island. They have Arabian Oryxs, Sand and Mountain Gazelles and even Sudan Cheetahs and Striped Hyenas. If you love animals, this is such an adventure and a fantastic chance to see animals free-roaming that it would be difficult to see anywhere else. 


You can also go mountain biking, snorkelling or relax at the spa at the Desert Islands Resort. For a holiday where you have a bit of time for exploring, relaxing and want to go somewhere hot, this is such a great choice. 


I couldn't speak more highly of this as a conservation experience and hope that on your next holiday you'll consider visiting these beautiful animals on Sir Bani Yas island.

This is not a sponsored post, just an honest write-up.