Exploring Verona


My brother George and I went to explore Verona this summer. We have been wanting to go for a long time and finally found a good gap in our busy work schedules to go on this adventure together.


We had some very important eating of pizza and pasta to do. But also...


Our top priority was going to see the Opera in the Arena di Verona; it was absolutely astonishing. The size and grandeur of the performance is breathtaking and there are hundreds of people in the cast, huge sets and world class opera singers of course. It is truly a mindblowing experience - and it helps if you enjoy classical music. We went to see Nabucco and if I could give you any tips on how to get the most out of the experience I would say to read up on the story beforehand. George and I read the plot of Nabucco earlier in the evening and I was very glad to have skimmed through it beforehand because it makes the viewing of the opera so much more enjoyable when you can pick out the plot points and know where you are in the story. They also have big screens above the performers with English translations of the opera, so that you can follow along and check in with what is being sung; I found this very helpful. Even just to listen to the incredible music and musicians in such an incredible venue is enjoyable in itself and I would absolutely recommend a visit to the opera if you ever find yourself in Verona.

Verona8-6243 Edit.jpg

Giardino Giusti

The Giardino Giusti is a beautiful Italian garden in the East of Verona. The gardens were planted in 1580 and are beautifully manicured with hedges, huge cypress trees, statues and gargoyles. It is said that the gargoyle at the top of the garden was designed to breathe fire and smoke as an added spectacle to the already impressive garden and that Mozart and Goethe visited the Giardino Giusti to revel in its tranquility. When we visited, there were some church bells ringing which we caught whilst looking over a magnificent view of Verona from the top of the gardens.

There is also a small hedge maze in the centre of the garden and I've heard that those who manage to find each other at the centre of the maze are destined to be together...oh I'm a sucker for anything like that...!

Verona is the most beautiful city; the architecture and history is so interesting and with the cypress trees all around it's green and beautiful. We also really enjoyed eating at the open restaurants in Piazza Bra and window shopping all day long on Via Mazzini. Have you ever been to Verona? Does this post make you want to visit?! Tell me in the comments below...!