HUM Collagen Pop - Review

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Collagen is a protein found in our skin, muscles, bones and tendons. It is best known for keeping our skin firm and glowing. However, as we get older, our body stops producing collagen and this reduction in the production of collagen can be accelerated by smoking, a bad diet or overexposure to the sun. In light of this, collagen supplements are becoming incredibly popular and an abundance of new products are coming on the market. 

I am super interested in skincare and am always looking for new products to try so once I saw this I immediately wanted to trial it. 

Now the first thing to note is that our bodies' collagen production only begins to decline in our mid-to-late twenties - and even after it begins to decline, it only does so by about 1-2% a year. There is no harm in taking these tablets if you're younger than mid-to-late twenties and I believe that they have benefits beyond the collagen that would be helpful at any age. 


  • ENVIRONMENTAL: HUM's COLLAGEN POP contains marine collagen which is derived from the scales, skin, bones and fins of fresh or saltwater fish. These parts are often considered as waste products in fish processing, so making use of them for another product helps to reduce environmental waste.


  • WATER: Drinking water is such a good thing! I know we hear this a lot - and we do because it's true! Water is vital to our health and helps to keep our skin glowing - even if taking COLLAGEN POP means you're just drinking more water each day - this is a huge positive that, over time, will have a profound effect on your skin, helping it look healthier and giving it that beautiful glow.


  • TASTE: It tastes so good...! It's a healthy drink that actually really tastes good and I look forward to drinking it every morning.


  • VITAMINS: It contains Vitamin C which is needed to help the skin produce collagen and is an active antioxident.



  • NOT VEGAN FRIENDLY: Unfortunately, due to the marine collagen, this product is not vegan friendly.


  • EXTRA COSTS FOR BUYERS IN THE UK: This product is sold at $30.00 (around £23.00) for a month's supply. It's a fairly reasonable price for a skincare product but annoyingly if you buy a product from the US, you have to pay customs charges - frustrating but true. For this product, you pay around £15.00 for the extra customs charge.


  • NO NOTICEABLE EFFECT AFTER 1 MONTH: I am sorry to report...! I have taken it every day for one month and I don't feel that my skin feels brighter or more dewy particularly. I can't say I've noticed any incredible differences but I did enjoy the ritual and taste of this beautiful product. 


HUM's Collagen Pop is a fun skincare product that tastes nice and helps you remember to drink water daily. 


This is not a sponsored post, just an honest review.