Brunch in Notting Hill

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One of my favourite things to do in London is head out for brunch, we have some of the most amazing cafés and restaurants and the brunch here is second to none. Here are two of my favourite places to go in Notting Hill:

Eggbreak Notting Hill


Just behind the main stretch of Notting Hill Gate lies Eggbreak, a beautiful little café with a genius menu and the most incredible all-day-brunch dishes. Eggbreak is a bit zany, which is why i love it so much. It has your usual Eggs Benedict and Smashed Avo, but it also has a nuts French Toast covered in cornflakes that makes your hangover seem not so bad any more and a huge 'sausage patty' burger complete with a fried egg, cheese and hot sauce. If you want something a little less traditional, then Eggbreak is the perfect brunch spot. 

Downsides are that it is often very busy - especially on the weekends - and you can't book a table, so there is often a queue outside. If you're as impatient as I am, you won't want to be hanging around waiting for a table, so I recommend going during the week when it's a little quieter. Also, I am a huge fan of Earl Grey tea and I can't start my day without a large mug-full but for some reason, Eggbreak charge an extortionate £4.00 for a cuppa...madness! The hot chocolate is well, well worth it though so there are some drinks I don't mind paying almost a fiver for. 

For atmosphere and menu, I rate Eggbreak a 4/5:

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Eggbreak, Notting Hill,

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Farm Girl is a very cute little hideaway at the top of Portobello Road, it feels like a complete escape and is absolutely the most 'instagrammable' brunch spot in West London. You can eat breakfast for lunch here which of course, makes it one of the best place to go for brunch as you're on no strict time restriction to order those pancakes! My favourite dish here is the Dragon Bowl, it's topped with beautiful seeds and bananas. 

Their menu is so innovative and has an amazing range of vegetarian and vegan-friendly recipes. They even have a coconut-bacon BLT...! It tastes amazing. It's not too pricey and the drinks are incredible. You must go try, now...!

For menu and aesthetics, I rate Farm Girl a 4/5:

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