Three unusual gifts to give


I absolutely love giving people gifts; birthdays and Christmas are so much fun and I find so much joy in thinking up new gift ideas for people that are a little bit out of the box. It's true that handmade gifts or particularly thoughtful ones are far better enjoyed than anything bought from a store, so I encourage you to have a look at some of my ideas below and get creative with your next gift-giving task. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite things to give people are, I'm always interested to hear about new ideas!


1. Flowers and biscuit boxes - Christmas or Birthdays

These are such cute presents to give to people and they're really easy to put together.

All you need to buy is a gift box, some oasis and a bunch of flowers, then bake some homemade biscuits if you have the time for a lovely handmade touch - or buy some if you're a bit short on time.

Assembling the box is super simple; just cut the oasis to cover half of your gift box and slot it in to the box. Next, trim your flowers down and arrange, poking the stems down into the oasis. on the other half of your box, line with some tissue paper and place your biscuits on top. You can then put the lid on the box and when they open it I guarantee they won't have seen a handmade present like that before!



2. Succulents - Dinner Party Gift

To me, succulents are the better-gift-cousin of bringing someone a bunch of flowers. It's so lovely when you go to someone's house for dinner or to stay and you bring a bouquet of flowers with you. Everyone appreciates the gesture and it's a well-known custom here. But I think succulents are that one step better than a bunch of flowers. My friends brought me the succulent bowl pictured below last weekend when they came for dinner and it was such a lovely gift. I remember thinking whilst I had my hands full trying to get the last bits together for our lunch how grateful I was that I didn't have to do anything with the plant -  I didn't have to trim the ends off and find a vase whilst watching our meal bubbling over on the cooker and juggling cutlery and crockery. Personally, I'm the type of person that will start preparations for something like this far too late and will still be cooking and tidying up simultaneously whilst my guests are arriving so bringing such a lovely gift that requires no effort from the host is always a good idea in my book. 


3. M&S Fruit Bowl - For successes and achievements

I love this gift so much; the one I always go to is from M&S and you can order it online and have it delivered with a note card. I love giving these as presents for offices or to friends; it's perfect for congratulating successes and achievements. Giving someone a box of chocolates is cute - but giving them a bowl of fruit is way better - and they won't be mad at you for bringing them chocolates if they're trying to eat more healthily! Sometimes it's too difficult to resist...especially when it's a gift.