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My Mum was a beauty therapist when I was growing up and she owned a salon where she gave massages and beauty treatments. I have therefore grown up loving skincare and beauty products and I really enjoy taking good care of my skin. My Mum definitely inspired me to ensure that I am always looking after my skin with good quality products and after lots of trial and error I have found that Clarins is my favourite and the best for my skin.

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I had to top up my skincare collection the other day and wanted to share with you my favourite Clarins products and the ones that I couldn't live without.

Energizer Range, Clarins

Energizer Range, Clarins


So back in April for my 22nd Birthday, my beautiful best friend bought me some products from the Energizer range. I had never tried these specific products before and I am now obsessed and I can't start my day without using them.

Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster, £18.00 (Link here)

So first thing in the morning after I shower and cleanse my face, I use the Wake Up Booster toner. I get very puffy eyes in the morning and this immediately reduces their puffiness and wakes me up. It is so cooling and refreshing with redcurrant, white tea and green coffee extracts and it refreshes and revives the hydration in your skin. It makes an immediate difference, especially around the eyes.


Daily Energizer Cream, £21.00 (Link here)

Next I use the Daily Energizer Cream. This is a beautiful cream/gel which feels light and refreshing on the skin, it helps moisturise and give the skin a light glow and a dewy appearance. This product is also great for priming your skin so you're ready to put your everyday make-up on; hence why I use this in the morning. 

Hero products

Hero products


So these gorgeous products above are some of my favourites from Clarins and are my must-haves.

Instant Eye Make-Up Remover, £20.00 (Link here)

This is such a gentle make-up remover and it works like a dream on all types of make-up. I have quite sensitive skin and sometimes when make-up removers aren't very effective, I find myself having to scrub quite hard on my eyes to remove my mascara; this doesn't do my skin any favours at all. I previously thought that I could get away with using a cheaper, high-street alternative but it is just not the same at all; they are un-affective and unkind to the skin around the eyes especially and this product does everything you need it to so beautifully. 


Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Syrum, £44.00 (Link here)

This is my favourite product at the moment. I am constantly looking for products that make your skin look dewy and fresh, this is the one. I just discovered this recently; it makes a huge difference to my skin making it smooth, glowy and radiant. I use this after I cleanse and tone and always use it in conjunction with the SPF moisturiser below. If I want extra-special glowy skin, I use this in the morning instead of the above Energizer Cream.

Hydra-Essentiel SPF 15, £36.00 (Link here)

This is a rich moisturiser that keeps your skin hydrated. I love the SPF inclusion and it leaves the skin feeling gorgeously soft. It is a lot richer than the Energizer cream so I tend to use this more sparingly when my skin really needs a moisturising boost or when my skin feels a bit more dry.

Cleansing Milk and Toner, Clarins

Cleansing Milk and Toner, Clarins



Cleansing Milk, £21.00 (Link here)

Gorgeous, simple and refined; this cleanser is made with Alpine herbs - and if you don't like the sound of that already you might need to re-evaluate. I use this to remove the rest of the make-up on my face and generally clean off my skin before bed. It is moisturising and good for sensitive skin.

Toning Lotion, £28.00 (Link here)

This toner with camomile is so fresh and rejuvenating, it makes my face feel cool, clean and soft. It smells beautiful but is also great for sensitive skin - oh it's gorgeous!


So that concludes my Clarins haul, I also love their peppermint lip comfort oil, link here, which I use daily and carry in my handbag to keep my lips moisturised. Let me know if you use Clarins or what skincare you really love in the comments below.


This is not a paid post, just an honest write-up.