How to get out of bed on a cold morning


It’s late October and if you’re anything like me in the mornings you’re probably thinking ‘I’m too cold to get out of bed’. It starts to really get chilly at this time of the year and it doesn’t get any easier to get out of bed once winter sets in. Here are a few things I do to make it a little bit easier to get out of bed when it’s cold:

1. Put warm clothes next to the bed

Your warmest jumper or dressing gown and a pair of slippers or cosy socks - and I don’t mean leave them hanging on the back of the door so that you have to walk to the other side of the room to put them on. I mean within arm’s reach from the bed. Then as soon as you wake up you can layer up and you’ll immediately feel geared up to get out from under that cosy duvet.

2. Put your alarm further away than usual

If you usually have your alarm right next to your bed, try moving it away so that you have to throw on your jumper and socks immediately and then stop the alarm afterwards - hopefully causing you to have hopped out of bed - but already be in warm clothes.

2. Put the heating on a timer

Set your central heating so that it comes on half an hour before you usually wake up. If your house is completely frosty when you wake up you have no chance of making it out of bed!


3. Place a Hot Water Bottle right next to your kettle

I am making the assumption that you will automatically go to the kettle to make a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning. If that’s not part of your morning routine I’m surprised! But - if you also place a Hot Water Bottle right next to the kettle and know it’s there ready and waiting when you wake up, you’re likely to want to get out of bed to make that cup of tea even more because there’s a Hot Water Bottle waiting there to be filled as well. Then whilst you’re getting ready or drinking your tea you can carry it around with you to make sure you’re warming up not just from the inside out, but also the outside in!

4. Hot shower

Take a hot shower to get you all warmed up and get dressed immediately after to keep the body warmth.

5. Warming your clothes

Set your clothes out the night before by hanging them over the radiator. When your heating comes on half an hour before you wake, your clothes will already be warming up - and it’s so much nicer to put on warm clothes than ones that have been hanging in the chilly closet all night! This also helps you have a trouble-free morning as you will have had to plan your outfit the night before, so no last minute scrambling an outfit together.

6. Light a candle

Whilst you’re eating breakfast, staring at the warm flame will help give the impression of warmth, even if it’s frosty outside. Also - I hope you’re still hugging that Hot Water Bottle?


Good luck to all you brave souls trying to get out of bed in this cold weather; we’re all in this together.


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