How to reset your taste buds


One of the most incredible things is tasting delicious, fresh, healthy food when your taste buds aren't confused by processed foods. Resetting your taste buds can revolutionise the flavours you experience when eating different foods, and it is so so worth it if you're trying to follow a healthier lifestyle or want to eat more of the right foods.

Sometimes it is easy to become attached to bad foods because good foods ‘just don't taste as good’. But if you strip back your diet and eat properly after resetting those taste buds, you realise just how delicious real clean food is and you no longer crave those processed foods. 

1. Cook at home

When you eat out at restaurants or buy ready made meals from supermarkets, they are full of things you wouldn't add yourself. They almost always have sugar in them, even those wraps or salads you buy; it's in their dressings, sauces and fillings. Next time you pick up a 'healthy' salad or wrap have a look at the ingredients, you might find sugar lurking in the most unusual of places. If you make your meals at home, you won't be adding sugar to your chicken salad or adding strange chemicals to preserve the food that we generally don't have in our kitchen cupboards. If you cook at home with natural, fresh ingredients, youll already be half way there.

2. Less refined sugar

This may seem easier than it sounds, see above...! Lots of things that you buy from the supermarket have sugar in them, even tortillas for example. Check the labels for ingredients and be selective with what you buy. Refined sugar gives you instant gratification and energy spikes and stops you from being able to taste and enjoy the flavours in fresh produce and real food that keeps you full and energised for longer.


3. Unrefined Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates that have been stripped of nutrients and fibre and have added fat, salt and sugar are leaving your taste buds satisfied for only more of the same. In order to let your body enjoy real food, try eating unrefined carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal etc. If you cut out these overly processed foods, your taste buds will begin to appreciate natural foods a lot better.

4. A mango can taste like a miracle…

…if you haven’t just stuffed your face with Haribo. My brother and I are complete sweet-fiends. We’re both completely obsessed with sweets and used to eat them all the time without thought. If you cut out processed foods - especially sweets and chocolate bars, fruits taste so much sweeter and you can really appreciate their flavours; they become delicious and so tasty - and after a while you will start to look forward to eating healthier alternatives whilst still satisfying that sweet tooth. The good thing about the sugars in fruits are that they get broken down in the body differently from those you might find in a packet of Haribo, so you get a much longer release of energy and benefit from all of the vitamins that come packed in fruit as well.


So start looking forward to eating those healthier options and reset your taste buds to appreciate the flavours of non-processed foods, it is so worth it!

Do you struggle with thinking that ‘clean’ foods aren’t as tasty as processed ones? Or find that food is sometimes bland-tasting and are not fulfilling your cravings? Hopefully the above will help, do let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried this or if you think this might be interesting to you!