November Book List

I have recently been reading a lot more than usual and I realise it’s because I’m reading things I’m actually enjoying. Sometimes you start to read a book that doesn’t grab your attention and you plough through trying to get somewhere with it. I always feel guilty for not reading the entire book once I’ve started so I find it takes me a very long time to finish. Well this month, I have three books that I have really enjoyed - one fiction, one non-fiction and one a classic. Please do share with me any great books that you have read recently.


RITZ & ESCOFFIER the Hotelier, the Chef & the rise of the leisure class



I had been looking for a book about hotels for a long time before I came across this gem. I am so interested in business - in all sorts of businesses - and I find hotels fascinating; but what is so fantastic about this book in particular is how steeped in history it is.

It follows the true story of César Ritz and Auguste Escoffier through the most luxurious and extravagant times when British aristocracy was at its peak. The opulence of the times is overwhelmingly absorbing and the writing by Luke Barr evocative and powerful. When I read this book I get completely swept up in the luxury of it all - it’s a book that truly takes you away in a tour of extraordinary gourmet menus, money, royalty, glamour - even interior design. It’s exquisite and I still can’t believe that it’s non-fiction; they are hotels we all know, ones that are still standing, continuing their story.

A must-read.





This book was recommended to me by my fantastic Godmother - and I can’t thank her enough for the suggestion!

I read this book in two days as I simply couldn’t get enough of it. Quinn writes in the voice of Chet, a dog and the ‘partner’ of private investigator Bernie Little. They run the ‘Little Detective Agency’ and have a case to solve throughout the course of this novel - but unexpectedly the plot is not the exciting part. Quinn writes so believably as Chet the dog that more than a few times it really seemed as if I was in the mind of a dog; it had me laughing out loud.

Hilarious and exciting, fast-paced and original - if you’re a dog-lover there is no doubt about it, you will adore this book.


HARRY POTTER and the Philosopher’s Stone



Forgive me - it’s a classic and a favourite of mine and in the interest of being honest about what I have read this month, this is it! I love this book - the magic and humour is wonderful and the world J.K.Rowling creates is so charming and so irresistible. It’s a comfort to read and feels a little bit festive - but not too festive for November…! Anyway - you don’t need a review of this one. You’ve read it, you know it, you’ve seen it around. Always a good bet.