Winter Bucket List 2018

This morning I asked my family if it was okay to play Christmas music yet - they almost all agreed that it was way too early (although my Dad thought it was a good idea). So after admitting that it wasn’t quite acceptable to put the carols on yet - I thought I’d write a bucket list instead. That counts as ‘planning’ for the winter so it’s definitely okay…! Anyway, here are some ideas - do let me know your plans for this winter, I’d love to hear what traditions you have.

Winter Bucketlist 2018.png

Ever since I was a kid, I have just adored the movie ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ with Jim Carrey - and to be honest it’s still my favourite to this day - so I am really looking forward to seeing the new animated film (in cinemas in the UK from the 9th November).

I have also made it a personal tradition of mine to read ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens each evening in the run up to Christmas - it’s a fantastic story and I get lost in it every year. This season I am planning on reading a little bit every evening whilst burning an advent candle and when it gets to the right date I put the book down for the night.

Now above I have also put ‘Explore a Christmas market - or just watch a vlog of one on Youtube’. Sometimes I think we make all these grand plans around this time of year and it can become unmanageable to do everything. So whilst I would really like to explore the Manchester Christmas Market this year (I have never been before and apparently it’s fantastic) - if I can’t make it work with my schedule I will be looking up a vlog of someone who has visited and will watch snuggled up under blankets and with a cup of tea in hand. It’ll still feel like I’ve seen some of it - and it’ll mean I don’t overspend…even better!

Here are some more ideas that I’ll be trying to fit in this Christmas!

  • Make homemade hot chocolate

  • Drive around to see the Christmas lights

  • Make a gingerbread house and decorate it

  • Have a pyjama and Christmas movie day

  • Choose an advent calendar

  • Write Christmas Cards

  • Go ice skating

  • Make mince pies

  • Hang mistletoe in the house

  • Buy an advent candle

  • Make a wreath for the door


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